What Does Grinch Mean?

What Does Grinch Mean? 

Have you ever met a person who spoils the pleasures and doesn’t let others enjoy the event? Well, the term “Grinch” is used for these grumpy persons. Grinch is a character who is notorious for his hatred for Christmas. While defining the Grinch meaning in slang we mostly refer to a person who does not want to see others happy. 

What is a Grinch? 

Grinch is a noun used for a person who lacks moral values and snatches other people’s things including happiness and pleasures. A Grinch also is a fictional character with long body hair that can be used as a fur suit. This character is avocado green and has a cynical personality. A person with mental illness, antisocial personality disorder, who hates to see others enjoying or celebrating events as he does not accept the happiness of others. 

Origin of Grinch 

In 1966, this term was first used for an unpleasant person who is habitual of spoiling the pleasure of others. In essence, Grinch is an insult towards someone whose bad temper makes other people depressed. It is an unreformed character, a killjoy, and a disgruntled grump who “hated Christmas”. So, Grinch refers to someone who loves to ruin the joy of others. And he is considered a symbol or character people love to hate. 

The word “Grinch” got popular and made a space in the lexicon of English when Theodor Geisal, also known as Dr. Seuss, in 1957 published his children’s book with the title “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. 

It is a derivative of the French word “grincheux” which means the grumpy person or a person with a greedy attitude. 

Is Grinch a Good Word or a Bad Word? 

Future Ted says that it is “a very, very bad word.” Since it is associated with a negative character who has a hatred for Christmas, this term is not considered a good word. Also, whether you are using it as a noun or a verb, in both contexts, Grinch meaning not make good sense in any way. 

Interesting Facts About Grinch 

  • It is used for a mythical creature habitant of mountains. This type of creature lives in caves. And has a heart that is “two sizes too small”.
  • The term is applied to winter holidays and is an icon of different types of memorabilia including; Halloween costumes, Christmas accessories, clothing items, and much more.  
  • It is ranked as the 5th term in the “50 Greatest Cartoon Characters of All Time” in 2002. 
  • This term was coined by a literary character who also has roots in this term. 
  • This term is mainly a noun but you can also use this term as a verb. 
  • A fanatical person who is intolerant and is unapproachable to understand something.
  • This term also refers to decorating your house with a Christmas tree and other items. 

We hope this article will help you know the right context of this term. Recognize the Grinch around you and do not let them spoil your spirit and happiness. To understand more words, stay in touch with us!

Happy reading!  

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