What does thicc mean?

Thicc Meaning- What is Thicc? 

Slangs are used frequently on social media and in daily communication. Some are confusing to comprehend. Knowing the meaning of slang and how to use it makes it easy to keep yourself updated. And that’s what we are here for! In this article, we will explain thicc meaning, its origin, and some interesting facts that you will love to know. So, without further ado, let’s start. 

What Does Thicc Mean? 

This term is used to describe a full-figured body, particularly a person with a curvy waist and thick butts. A woman with a pear-shaped body with large butts and thighs is called Thicc. 

It has a positive connotation and is used as a compliment. In a world where everyone is trying to lose weight and get an extra lean body, Thicc is a compliment and an expression of appreciation for a body with fat buttocks. 

Origin of term 

Back in 1990, this slang was used by black people for curvaceous or voluptuous women who look more sexually attracted. And at that time, its original spelling was Thick. Later on, in 2000, the word was intentionally misspelled online as thicc. In 2017, fans of Rehanna, a famous pop star, used this term to admire her new figure. That was the time when this term gained much popularity. 

Who Uses Thicc? 

Many women who are experiencing fat-shaming are comfortable using thicc for their fatty bodies. But some women still find it shameful to use this word. Moreover, the internet trend of showing off the fatty curvatures of the body with the hashtag “#thicc” or “#thiccaf,’’ encouraged and challenged many people to embrace and use this term. Not only this but also many famous social media accounts have been named with this slang. Some celebrities are using this in their stage name. Muscular males are also embracing this term as a compliment. 

Online, it is frequently in use. Be it photo effects, thick foods and puffy floofers, or cartoon characters, it is used for all types of humorous effects.  

Is Thicc a Masquerade of Insult?

In 2018, Thicc was labeled as one of the most confusing slang used on the internet. And many people argued that it is an insult to label someone fat. Well, that’s not true! It mainly depends on who is using this term and to whom it refers. In other words, the intention of the person using this term matters. Urban Dictionary defines it as; “a person has fat in the right places, creating sexy curves”. So, keeping this definition in consideration it is not a masquerade of insult. Instead, it is the beauty that lies in the hips. 

Interesting Facts About Thicc 

  • Kim Kardashian got much success because of her full-figured body. Following her success, this term reached its peak.
  • Thicc promotes body positivity movement. 
  • Bubble Bass, a round-bottomed fictional character, from SpongeBob SquarePants is an example of how people used this term in inspired comedy. 
  • One Thicc Bih is a popular meme on Thicc from 2017, that defines this word as vulgar slang.  

Thicc is a slang term used for someone having thick yet sexy curves. If someone is using this term, it should be perceived positively. Hopefully, you will love to learn more terms with us. Stay connected with us! 

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