What does Pog mean?

Pog Meaning And Everything You Need To Know About Pog 

Using short abbreviations for some words is a trend now. We mostly use abbreviations instead of the full word in messages and on internet comment sections. It looks and feels cool to write short forms instead of full long-term lines. People like to use new slang words on the internet and social media. With that said, you might have heard the word Pog on the internet. This article will explore the Pog meaning, how to use this slang term, and its origin. 

What Does Pog Mean? 

Talking about the Pog meaning, it is worth mentioning that it is an acronym of “Play Of The Game.” It is also a slang word, which expresses an excellent, cool and awesome expression. Since it is an exclamation to represent your joy and feeling of delight in the comments section, it has become one of the most commonly used slang on the internet. Also, this term is used to describe the facial expression when someone is excited and surprised. 

If you are a 1990’s kid, you might know the Pog as a piece of cardboard that is circular and rectangular. And this cardboard was used for gamers to play games. So, this term is denoted to a person who played well in a game. 

What is a Pog? 

Pog is a slang word that has many meanings. It is mostly used by gamers and refers to the player who plays the best game in that match. 

Most people use this slang word to express their facial expressions of excellence and coolness. You may also hear pogchamp slang words on the internet. Most of the time, pog and camp comes along with each other. But it doesn’t make a visible difference in the meaning of this slang word. 

Some people use the word poggers that stands for epic, amazing, and mind-blowing. But now, instead of poggers, they start saying pog that also has the same meaning. 

Origin of Term 

The slang word Pog is taken from the pogchamp emoji. Which is a promo pic available on the streaming video site Twitch. That emoji depicts Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez. He was an American YouTuber and owned the cross-counter tv channel. 

Gutierrez is a show co-host. Once, accidentally, a scene or reel is captured on camera and shows that he is making a cool or surprising expression towards his host. And then that Gutierrez’s face was known as an emoticon on Twitch in 2012.

Interesting Facts About Pog

  • So many times you see on live streaming when the players say to each other that the game was pog. Or the enemy you just killed was a pog. That expresses their expression of happiness and excellence. But instead of saying these words, they use the slang word pog.
  • As a promotional gimmick in the early 1990s, the beverage company introduced a game involving Pog bottle caps called “Pogs.” 
  • POG written in capital letters is a tropical-style juice with a delicious taste. 

We hope this article will help you understand the meaning of pog and everything related to this word. It is a slang word popular on social media platforms and expresses your feelings clearly. 

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