What does UwU mean?

UwU Meaning- What Does This Emot-Icon Mean? 

Who does not like to use acronyms online? Have you ever used some letter combinations that stand for nothing? Sounds strange? Well, this guide will help you understand such terms with an example. UwU is a word that does not have any meaning. Let’s explain what UwU is. 

What is UwU? 

UwU is an online expression that defines a ‘’happy anime face.’’ While chatting with your friends or writing content that represents something cute or funny, you can use this term. This term is mainly used in written communication particularly by Japanese and Koreans. What if someone wants to use it in verbal conversation? You can pronounce it as “oooo-uuuh.” Moreover, this term is popular in furry fandom. Since ‘’w’’ in UwU has a resemblance to an animal’s nose, people inspired by anthropomorphic animals mostly use this emoticon. 

What Does UwU Mean?

If you got any text containing a string of letters or something like UwU, you might be scratching your head wondering what does UwU means? It is a three-letter emoticon that lacks a true meaning but is strong enough to express your feelings of cuteness. The two U’s show sparking eyes while w reflects a smiling mouth. So this happy face emoticon is used to express something cute or admiring something that makes you happy. In internet lingo, this emoticon is the most commonly used term that makes you trendy. 

UwU meaning is defined in Urban Dictionary as “The feeling you get of too much cuteness or an overwhelming feeling of happiness, kinda like fangirl/boying.”

Origin of UwU

In 2005, this term was used in fiction with the title “Genie of the Puzzle” based on Yu-Gi-Oh. In Japanese and Korean subcultures this term was used widely. It fits well with Kawai culture regardless of what people perceive its meaning. Though it lacks its true meaning related to cute, it does not indicate something that is linked with sexuality. 

UwU gained more popularity among anime fans before it has become the most commonly used slang in internet lingo. 

Interesting Facts About UwU

  • Mark Hamill tweeted “uwu” in 2018 when a fan persuaded him. He, later on, clarified that it wasn’t a prank on him. 
  • Some people interpreted this term as a way to attract teenage girls on the internet. 
  • Tumblr users claimed that predators use uwu similar to ‘’cute’’ or ‘’softboys’’ in a creepy way to make themselves very kind and soft to girls. 
  • There is no conflict between using UwU and owo on the Internet together, where the former is used to describe the happy face and later defines a surprising blank stare. 
  • It can also be regarded as foreplay in the furry community. 
  • According to Google trends, it became a popular internet term after 2016. 
  • UwU hit a score of 100 in January 2020, and its score was 97 in mid-February 2020. 

UWU is an emoticon that spells nothing. If you are a person who likes to communicate with text messages, you will enjoy expressing cuteness and a happy face by using the UwU internet term. 

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