What does Catfish mean?

Catfish: Everything You Need To Know 

We have seen people using short abbreviations like lol, a lot of laugh, OOTD outfit of the day, and many similar words like these. Similarly, people use Catfish slang a lot. You surely have heard this term and want to know more about it. In this article, you will get to know what is a catfish and how to use this term. 

What Does Catfish Mean? 

Catfish is a word that refers to someone who goes online and claims to be somebody else. It is also the phrase that people are using for a fictional person who is deceiving other people. 

In social media, many people are using the term catfishing. It is a process to trick someone by setting up fake online profiles. 

Origin of Catfish 

In 2010, this term was first introduced when the documentary Catfish was released. In this documentary, Ariel Schulman has mentioned the story of Nev Schulman. Nev was dogged by a female who hides his identity to grab the attention of Nev. 

What is a Catfish?

Catfish is a highly rated word for someone who is pretending to be someone else. It is a word for anyone online and purports to be anyone else. A catfish looks for friends or partners on the internet using fraudulent images and occasionally a false character.

The term Catfish mainly refers to the people who come online and then fake themselves. Nowadays, many people use this term. For example, when people meet someone online, they find out about someone misrepresenting their identity, then people use this slang word Catfish

Why People Catfish? 

You can see many people catfishing and often wonder why people Catfish. 

  • Mental illness 
  • Insecurities
  • Harassment
  • Hide their identity 
  • Revenge 
  • Lack of confidence

Interesting Facts About Catfish

  • The word Catfish is a term that refers to the people who pretend to be someone else. It is a common term that many people use in today’s internet world. Catfish is present on almost every web page.
  • If you’ve been chatting with someone onscreen for quite a while and he rejects using a webcam or phone to speak with you, he could be a catfish. It might be possible to make reasons for not doing it, such as a defective camera or simply being bashful.
  • Typically, a Catfish cannot offer you a revealing image. Also, Catfish may have accessibility to a few photos of the individual they are mimicking. If they can’t provide you with any pictures other than those on their web service or digital platform, they could be a Catfish.
  • Catfish avoid meeting up in person as well. They may promise to visit and then fail to appear, find apologies for why they cannot meet, or ignore the subject entirely.

We hope that this article has clarified your thoughts about Catfish meaning. It is a slang term widespread on social networking platforms and displays your emotions. Remember that anyone can pretend to be someone else, online so be careful while making online friends.

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