What does Crush mean?

Why People Use the Word ‘Crush’?

The word ‘crush’ has multiple meanings, including destroying something by applying force, squeezing, keeping crowds in a closed space, or having a brief liking/ infatuation for someone unattainable. In this article, we will discover the origin and history of the term crush and discuss some interesting facts about it.

What does Crush Mean?

Most people use the term crush when they have an intense liking for a person, even though it is for a brief period and goes away. These romantic feelings are usually one-sided that end up without any result.

Other than emotions and feelings, the slang crush also represents a set standard or imaginative characteristics that a person looks for in their future partner based on their immense liking of someone. Most people confuse crush with love; however, both are very different terms. Crush only represents a brief liking for someone; however, love depicts an unending deep affection for a person.

Another fascinating angle is that the slang ‘crush’ isn’t always used in a romantic way, and it represents the idea that a person is inspired by another person and wants to be with them or be like them. You must have heard of the term ‘boy crush’ or ‘girl crush’ that the same sexes have on their beautiful or brilliant colleagues, celebrities, classmates, and so on.

Who is a Crush?

A crush can be any individual you might like for extraordinary ability, looks, or mannerism. Sometimes people have a crush on friends, colleagues, and even employers because they think of having a potential romantic relationship. However, sometimes they only want a healthy friendship that is not romantic. 

Origin of Term

The use of the term ‘crush’ started in the late 19th century when people stopped using the word ‘mash.’ The meaning of mash is to flirt with or make sexual advances to someone, whether you are in a relationship or not. However, the term crush became famous when it was used in a song called ‘I’ve got a crush on you, sweetie pie,’ in the late 1920s by Gershwins. 

In 1929, the term crush became a common slang in Britain for an individual someone had a thing for, and everybody started using it. After that, a popular Hollywood movie came out by the name ‘sixteen candles,’ and the main lead named Samantha used to be upset because the boy she liked didn’t use to give her due attention. 

And the father of Samantha tells her that if it were so easy to get, people wouldn’t call it a crush. And by that, he tried to imply that crush is called so because they are to get, and they crush the other person’s feelings. 

Interesting Facts

  • A crush is an acceptable form of a somewhat controversial term mash that was used in the past to show sexual affection.
  • The term crush was first deduced by a French verb ‘croissir’ that translates into ‘break or crack.’
  • Isabella Maud House was the first journal to use the term crush in a romantic sense in 1884. 
  • John Seymour Wood was the first author to use the word ‘crush’ in a book named ‘Yale yarn’ in 1895.

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