What Does Sigma Male Mean?

What is Sigma Male? Latest Term in Man Archetypes 

While the world is dividing the males based on their masculinity into alpha and beta males. We have come up with another term called Sigma Male. What does Sigma Male mean? We heard you ask! This term was used in a viral Twitter post that aims to categorize masculinity in another masculine expression. Here, in this article, you will get to know Sigma Male meaning and everything related to this term. 

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What Does Sigma Male Mean?

The Internet has introduced a new type of dude who is powerful, quiet, and cool. The term Sigma Male was coined for such dudes. A Sigma male is a prominent, wealthy, yet extraordinarily independent attractive personality individual. A sigma guy is sometimes known as a lone wolf. Sigma Male is the most frequent Greek alphabet used by participants of the men’s rights movement, who also utilize dominant alpha male, beta male, and other male types to form a social structure. The term is now being used to mock all of the designations applied to men. 

Sigma is written with the characters S and s in English. The use of typically consecutive letters of the Original Greek to establish a pecking order of testosterone is common in hegemonic masculinity subcultures, e.g., release candidate, beta, alpha, delta, and omega males.

Origin of Term 

The phrase “sigma male” appears to have been established with far campaigner and author Theodore Robert Beale, better known by his pen name Vox Day. Beale had been using the phrase on his blog in January 2010, where he described it. It’s unknown why Beale picked Sigma over other characters, which have yet to occur in hegemonic masculinity discourse.

Characteristics of Sigma Male 

If you are aware of alpha males who are dominating, aggressive, and loud personalities, you might like to know another category called Sigma Male. A Sigma Male is an introverted alpha male but unlike the boisterous personality of the alpha male, they are not loud. It is pretty easy to identify a Sigma Male by these attributes: 

  • A lone wolf who refuses to fit in hierarchical categorization.
  • He is strong that men obey them. 
  • His soft heart and attractive personality make him women’s favorite dude. 
  • Sigma males enjoy freedom and solitude. 
  • Though he has the power to control others, he does not like to dominate others. 
  • This type of self-styled lone wolf is confident and does not need any validation of their personality. 
  • Sigmas are cagey and secretive. They keep secrets and don’t open up to everyone. 

Interesting Facts About Sigma Male 

  • Sigma represents and is criticized or used cynically among those who think the concept is ludicrous. 
  • This phrase conveys confidence, dignity, and unity. And people use this word to describe the males having these attributes.
  • Sigma males don’t like to work under the ownership of anyone. They are rule breakers and manage their time and organize everything by themselves. 
  • Through the 2010s this term became more popular online.
  • The subreddit /r/sigmamales is famous with more than 430 subscribers. 
  • Many people are against sigma males distribution and think that it is a pseudoscientific idea. 

Hopefully, you are clear with this term and be able to label a man with this term after knowing the characteristics that we have mentioned in this article. To know more about the latest terms, keep reading our articles. 

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