What Does Glow Up Mean?

Glow Up Meaning- All You Need to Know

Every day we find new slang popping up. Their frequent use in the “GenZ” would make you think about learning these terms. Whether you are born before the nineties or in the late nineties, if you are not updated with the slang you might believe they are solely against the immature, illiterate, and unenlightened. If yes, then you should be aware of these terms to get more expressive speaking and figure of speech. 

People nowadays use slang words on media sites to explain their feelings and expressions daily. You have gone through many slang terms, but you have no idea what their meaning is and why people are using that term. Glow up is also a trendy slang word. It is almost everywhere on the internet. Also, it is included as a popular slang in 50 Gen Z slang words.

What is Glow up?

“Glow up” is an online slang used for increasing confidence, attractiveness, and transition of personality from one phase to the next. The change of style or personality grooming that most commonly occurs during the period of youth is considered as glow up. Also, glow up images are typically displayed in an “in-between” format, with an older shot next to a current that is a more fashionable one. In essence, it means transitioning yourself from ugly to stunning. 

On social media, people post their pictures of childhood versus their young pictures that show them more attractive and confident. You can use the term glow up in the comment section. When somebody or something glows, it means they have undergone a significant positive transformation. This positive change can be progressive or sudden, everlasting or fleeting. 

What Does Glow Up Mean?

In Urban Dictionary it is defined as: “to go from the bottom to the top, to the point of disbelief. An incredible transformation.” Glow Up, also known as glo up, is a modified form of grow up. If someone has experienced a mental trauma and has recovered from it, this term can be used for that person. This means that these terms refer to a person who has helped himself transform his whole being. 

Origin of Term 

Singer Chief Keef popularized the term “Glow Up” in his track “Gotta Glo Up One Day,” released on August 15th, 2013. Chief Keef raps about a lady who has to develop and his journey to prosperity on the track. The music was released the next day by YouTuber Body, who earned over 3 million viewers in two and a half years.

Interesting Facts

  • TikTok and YouTube videos have narrowed this term to physical grooming only.
  • Glow Up does not mean only physical transformation, it includes emotional and mental transformation also.
  • The #The GlowUp hashtag has been viewed 31.8 billion times on TikTok.
  • During the pandemic, the trend of Glow Up has reached its peak among females and teenage girls. 
  • It can be harmful if it leads to dramatic weight loss causing health issues. 
  • In Spain, this term is not very popular. Spanish mostly use ‘’transform’’, “overcome” and “remake”.

Glow Up meaning a positive change in a person’s physical and mental health. But do bear in mind that it can cause positive toxicity by transforming yourself in a way to get an hourglass figure that disturbs your body mass index. Hopefully, now will Glow Up in the right way and let the others adore you. 

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