What does ROFL mean?

What Does ROFL Mean? 

Have you ever been in a situation when you were chatting with someone or reading a funny text, and you laughed too hard and lacked the expressions to show your level of amusement? Here you can use the term ROFL. We all used to write short abbreviations such as MP for my pleasure, LOL for laughing out loud, and many more. Similar ROFL refers to the rolling on laughing floor or rolling on the floor laughing. It is the acronym that people intently use to make sense.

You may think that the ROFL is not available in the Oxford English Dictionary. Remember that ROFL is a slang word that is not available in an English dictionary.

What is ROFL? 

ROFL is a trending word with a proper meaning i.e. rolling on the floor laughing. You can use it in different ways in a variety of funny situations. 

Context of ROFL

The term ROFL is a way to express a happy situation. We can use it to say that we are laughing at someone’s situation. There is also a term LOL that stands for laughing out loud. But ROFL is next to LOL that says the deadly laughing. Mostly, it is used in internet comment sections to express laughing situations. We can better understand the context of ROFL if we consider this term in the Urban Dictionary, where it is stated as:“ straining the fact that it is a lot more fun than your usual lol.”

History of the ROFL 

When the internet relay chat got popular in the early days of the world wide web, many users used this term to express their laughing situation. This term shows the vivid imagination that this cracking situation of chatting has made someone laugh hysterically, that he started rolling on the floor in this funny situation. This term was added in the Urban Dictionary in October 2002. Later on, this term got popular in internet memes and was widely used in 2010. 

Interesting Facts about ROFL 

  • ROFL is one of the earliest acronyms that gained widespread popularity on social media platforms. You will find it anywhere on social media platforms while chatting with friends and family. You can also use it to express your laughing feelings.
  • Because ROFL and rolling have the same meaning, the slang term has been shortened to just “rolling”.
  • Many expressions that are similar to this term are, ROFLMAO, PMSL, LOL, LMAO, ROFLCOPTER, LULZ, BWAHAHA, and many more. 
  • Though LOL and ROFL can be used interchangeably, the latter is used in really funny or hilarious situations. 
  • Sometimes ROFL is perceived as a passive-aggressive sarcastic expression. 
  • The uppercase “ROFL!” with an exclamation sign gives an expression of a more enthusiastic word. Whereas, the lowercase “rofl” is a mild term that conveys funny yet subdued expressions.

We hope this article will clear your mind regarding ROFL meaning. It is a slang word popular on social media platforms and expresses your feelings clearly. You can’t use this expression for formal business dealings unless a business acquaintance is your friend.

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