What does Boomer mean?

Boomer Meaning – All You Need to Know

Boomer is a short form or nick version of baby boomer for all the people born after World War 2, which was the time of great economic prosperity and development. Boomer is a widespread and fun word that is used by a lot of people on social media. Let’s dive into the history of it, and let’s see how people use it. 

What is Boomer?

Boomer is a term used for people between the age group 57-75 years (circa 1946-1964), and initially it was known as baby boomers. After boomers come generation X, millennials, Generation Z, and finally comes Generation Alpha. Over time, people have used the word Boomer for multiple purposes; however, now they use it entirely different.

Is OK Boomer an Insult? 

If you use Boomer one time as a joke, people might take it lightly; however, it will be an insult if you keep pushing that word too far. Many famous YouTubers like PewDiePie and Tiktokers use the term ‘OK Boomer’ sarcastically while reviewing memes.

OK Boomer is a term that teenagers or young adults use to call out older adults and those who start moral policing or judging them for their lifestyle and ideologies. The term OK boomer started from Tiktok, and it became the typical reference for intergenerational politics. 

In short, OK Boomer is a slang word for adults and older people who are resistant to change or adopt new ideologies or mindsets. So, if you use OK Boomer in front of a person older than you and try to kill your fun, you might end up offending them. 

Origin of Term Boomer

The term ‘boomer’ started in 1963 when it was published in one of the United States magazines addressing the people who were born after World War 2. The reason for the word Boomer is the enormous number of births that took place in the world because of economic prosperity after the war ended. 

Boomer itself is not a disrespectful word; however, it becomes offensive if you use it for a person who is not technically a baby boomer. Back in 2015, a chat forum with the name 4chan had a lot of anonymous users who started using OK Boomer in a mocking tone to insult. 

After that, a singer on Tiktok used the word OK Boomer in a song that he released in 2019 for older people whining about the kids these days, and it got super hyped up. Since that Tiktok went viral, people have been using the term all over social media. 

Interesting Facts

  • All the meme makers of Gen Z on the term boomer call themselves ‘Zoomers.’ 
  • Out of all the generations in the world right now, baby boomers are the wealthiest and the most hardworking and active generation. 
  • Baby boomers have seen the rise of technology from the very beginning, including the computer and the mobile phone invention.
  • More than 82% of boomers hold at least one social media account or an online presence. 

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