Hvad betyder askew?

The meaning of askew

What happens when you come across a new word? You start searching for its meaning! Well, you might have heard the word Askew and want to know what is Askew, its origin, and some facts. This article will provide you with a complete guide related to its meaning and everything worth knowing. 

What does askew mean? 

Askew is a double-meaning word with various meanings in British or other dictionaries. The verbal sense of askew refers to “out of line” or “on the side.” Moreover, the askew term is also used to scold someone and for the person who lacks respect. 

The askew word declares for treating someone with a lack of respect and disdain. For example, if you want to disrespect someone with your comments and scroll their reputation, then askew is the best double-meaning word. 

So the askew has many meanings that make it the most commonly used slang in daily life. The British dictionary refers to it as something that is screwed, crooked, and deviated.  

Due to versatility in its meaning, it has high usage in many sentences. 

What is askew? 

Askew meaning is related to awry, skewed, crooked, twisted to one side, and out of line.  But the askew word is als an example of the looking down due to lack of respect. 

It is mostly used for something that is not in line. For instance, if a picture is not hanging in a straight line, it means it is askew. Further, a person wearing glasses that are not aligned can call them askew. 

You can also use this word for disapproval. It shows that you do not agree with the statement of someone or turn your mind to the other side. 

Likewise, if you don’t like a person out of your friend list, you will break him out of line and askew his respect. 

Origin of Askew 

Askew is a derivative of askoye that was first used in the early 15c. Also, its old Norse form is a ska that originated in 1570.

Interesting Facts of askew

So askew has a double side. In one reference, you can say it as a word that is dry and does not seem to link with some facts, but on the other side, its versatility and high usage show that it has some interesting facts. A few of these are listed below; 

  • The word askew means the lopsided or turned to one side like a bend.
  • In Panola (USA), Askew is an unincorporated community. 
  • Besides using it as a term in daily communication, it is also used as a Noun. 
  • If you have seen any female teacher who is very annoying with a typical appearance of a chubby woman with a rude attitude, you can call her askew. 

Now you can use the askew slang according to your situation. If you want to expand your vocabulary, keep reading our articles. 

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